Ross O’Lochlainn: Failing Your Way Forward

Before Ross left his engineering job, he had a plan and a deadline — which gave his subconscious plenty of time to let fear work its magic. Finding himself unemployable in a foreign country, Ross had no choice but to quiet the fear and make s**t happen. And he did with the simplicity and precision of a true engineer. If you want to let fear stop calling the shots in your business, this one’s for you. 

Can’t-Miss Moments From This Episode:

  • What happens if the thing you’re trying to do doesn’t work? Most of us default to “homeless and starving to death.” Here’s why that’s the wrong thing to ask (and what to ask instead that will block your fear response from kicking in)…

  • When Ross was first starting his business, he didn’t have a lot of options… he had to get going fast. Check out some of his super smart tactics (and you can use these in your own business to get going quickly).

  • Busy work vs BUSINESS work – Ross has some solid advice on what your number one priority needs to be, so you don’t get caught up in details that don’t necessarily matter.

  • Ross breaks down his “Navy SEAL” strategy for what to do when you face resistance… this is stuff you’ll never be able to find in an online course.

  • What should you aim for? Value or results? Results may seem like the obvious choice, but value often pays off even bigger. Here’s how…

This one is jam-packed full of advice. Don’t miss out – listen now!

Ross’s Bio:

Ross O’Lochlainn is a former engineer-turned-marketing strategist who runs Conversion Engineering — a company that helps education entrepreneurs sell more programs without relying on the launch model.

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