Brook McCarthy: Figure It Out on the Fly

After realizing her heart wasn’t in her fallback career and getting her self-esteem stomped by her then-dream job, Brook fled to Southeast Asia. She returned with the skills and right amount of confidence to start her freelance career. And she used them again to completely pivot her business. What can happen for your business when you learn as you go? Listen to find out.

Can’t-Miss Moments From This Episode:

  • “Oh my God! Where do I start?” — Brook has the perfect strategy for you (hint: it’s something you’re probably already doing every day).

  • Get paid to be you! Sounds great, right? Hmm… that’s not quite how it works. Not everyone can be a Kardashian, so how do you marry business and your personality? Here are some tips…

  • Are you waiting for confidence, or to feel “ready” before you take the next step? According to Brook, that’s a “weird misconception.” Check out her unconventional advice on confidence…

  • Business: do or die, succeed or fail, WIN OR LOSE. Uhhh… not exactly. Brook and I breakdown why that kind of mentality kills businesses.

  • Spoiler Alert: There’s no finish line in entrepreneurship. So what happens when you reach a goal and it’s not what you thought it would be? Brook’s got some advice for you. 

This one is jam-packed full of advice. Don’t miss out – listen now!

Brook’s Bio:

Brook is a business coach and digital marketing trainer who works with soloists and small business owners to help untangle the web and position themselves as an expert of authority in their field.

With 13 years of self-employment and a background in Public Relations, Brook knows how to help people say something worth listening to and do something worth talking about.

She’s a big proponent of values-based business and social enterprises as the future of business, and is a trainer and mentor on behalf of organisations such as Australia Post, Start Some Good, Sydney Community College, General Assembly and Academy Xi.

She loves talking about the psychology and brass tacks of building self-confidence, creating personal branding, and the role of self-care and resilience in self-employment.

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