Episode 31: Tracy Friedlander

There’s a persistent myth (that I’d really like to set on fire) that if you follow the “right steps,” you’ll find success and happiness. Screw that. Tracy followed the traditional classical musician path but after a lot of settling and compromising, realized she wasn’t happy. An old friend opened her eyes to the possibility of entrepreneurship as a creative. From there, Tracy’s curiosity and an “I’ll just try that!” attitude have taken her from underpaid (and underappreciated) musician to successful business owner. So much gold in this one – you’ll definitely want to tune in.

Can’t-Miss Moments From This Episode:

  • “Hey girlfriend, how you doing? Wanna be in my downline?” – the difference between sleazy and anti-sleaze selling that could have a big impact on your bottom line (not to mention how you feel about making money)

  • There’s only two things you need to do to be an expert at something (and I guarantee you’re already doing them)…

  • There’s someone out there with a business almost identical to yours. Time to crush the competition? Meh. I call BS. Here’s how Tracy and I handle “the competition” and win (it’s probably not what you think)

  • Woo alert: when you’re ready to level up in your business, the teacher will appear… but only if you let them. Tracy shares how she set herself up to find the mentor she needed at the right time in her business

  • How do you build a business that lets you do whatever you want every day? Answer: alter your reality (and no I’m not talking about drugs)

This one is jam-packed full of advice. Don’t miss out – listen now!

Tracy’s Bio:

Tracy is a classical musician turned Methodology Master to creatives. In 2016 when her career hit a crossroads, she looked to the online space for a new start. Not long after, Crushing Classical podcast was born – spotlighting musicians who created extraordinary and unique careers. This led to building an online business guiding musicians to step into their own power and think bigger… which led to Tracy thinking even bigger! In 2020, she relocated her family to Mexico to widen her lens. The move spawned a unique program that leads creatives to monetize their life’s work in a truly meaningful and sustainable way. 

When she’s not on Zoom calls, she’s stuffing her face with shrimp tacos, washing them down with a salt-rimmed margarita, and hiking the beautiful mountains with her family and their dog, Penny.

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