Episode 30: Lianna Patch

Sometimes taking something too far is the best way to get it right. After burning out with her editing business, Lianna went back to corporate. It didn’t take long for her to realize that was a big mistake. Here’s how she undid that decision and found the fun and balance she needed to fall back in love with her business. 

Can’t-Miss Moments From This Episode:

  • Death by a thousand stiff, overly professional sounding emails: you escaped corporate hell, so why would you run your business sounding like a corporate suit?

  • When you’re really good at something but it makes you feel “meh,” what do you do? Lianna shares how a job she hated and a job she really hated led her to the work she loves now

  • If you’re feeling more like an hourly employee then the CEO of your company, Lianna’s got a strategy for you. It’s not a magic rubber stamp but it makes things way easier (and way more enjoyable)

  • “Like I don’t know, maybe a pun?” — If that’s how you’re defining “funny”, you might want to dial it up. Lianna and I break down how going too far can actually help you get it just right

  • “Just kiss the spoons” — The cautionary tale of when humor goes really wrong, courtesy of The Great British Bake Off

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Lianna’s Bio:

Lianna Patch is a conversion copywriter and comedian whose greatest dream is to make your customers pause, smile, and click (in that order).

Trained in the not-so-dark arts of buyer psychology and customer research, she specializes in punchy, engaging landing pages and email copy. Her work has been featured by Copy Hackers, HubSpot, Conversio, Autopilot, BigCommerce, ConversionXL, and more impressive publications whose names you probably don’t know.

She’s written copy for Freshbooks, Manly Bands, GhostBed, and The Contract Shop, among other delightful clients, and regularly speaks at ecommerce and software conferences around the world.

Not sick of hearing about her yet? Great! Conquer campaigns with Lianna at Punchline Conversion Copywriting, or get quick copy jobs done at SNAP Copy.

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