Episode 28: Jody Robertson

Often when I’m working with an entrepreneur, they fall into the trap of ignoring their past experience because this freelancing thing feels so new and intimidating. But that past translates way more than you think – and I think Jody’s story illustrates that perfectly. On the surface going from pilot to writer sounds like a 180-degree turn, but this episode will show you just how closely the two experiences are connected. 

Can’t-Miss Moments From This Episode:

  • What to focus on instead of “closing the deal” with clients (this takes a little practice and a lot of restraint, but your biz will actually grow faster for it)

  • When not wanting to look like an idiot can literally lead to disaster… and how to handle questions you don’t know the answer to

  • Beware the “Lotto Ticket” clients: the warning signs to watch out for that will save you a ton of frustration (not to mention time and money)

  • A critical skill to start working on TODAY, in order to build a better business (and even lead a better life)

  • “Engine one is on fire… what do you do?” Don’t miss Jody’s epic words of wisdom on how to react the moment you’re faced with a crisis. This could save your life, your business, and your most important relationships. 

This one is jam-packed full of advice. Don’t miss out – listen now!

Jody’s Bio:

Jody Robertson, owner of Funnel Copy Experts, is an award-winning copywriting expert who helps health and wellness entrepreneurs attract customers and sell more with persuasive copy. Through her work with clients and mentors (including copywriting A-listers like Kim Krause Schwalm and Kevin Rogers), she’s developed her “Primal Persuasion” method and uses it to create killer copy that converts.

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