Audrey Faust: Navigating finances when you’ve never been taught how

Not so fun fact: did you know women couldn’t open credit card accounts or apply for mortgages until 1974? No wonder our money is such a taboo topic! Today Audrey and I are exploring why so many women feel stuck in a money maze… and how to get yourself out ASAP. Tune in (and prepare to take lots of notes) if you’re interested in growing wealth and confronting old money stories head on.

Can’t-Miss Moments From This Episode:

  • IT’S A TRAP! Do you tend to fixate on the things you’re trying to avoid? Audrey and I reveal why that might be inviting more bad shit into your life (and what to do to get unstuck and moving forward)… 
  • Introducing… the Self-Love Fund! Audrey’s sharing her insights on how and when to start investing (even when you’re overwhelmed to the point of shutting down and stuffing all your money in a mattress)… 
  • *deep inhale* IT’S OK TO SUCK! We all have those painful “I’m never gonna get this” moments, especially when it comes to something as tricky and taboo as financial literacy. Audrey and I have some tactical tips to keep you moving forward despite “the suck”… 
  • Ever feel like you’re following a script written by someone who missed the memo? Audrey’s mortgage story exposes why not all advice is actually good for you (and how to know when it’s time to seek out BETTER advice)…

  • When you’re your own worst enemy: we have as many as 80,000 daily thoughts, and surprise… they’re not all RAH RAH YOU CAN DO IT. Audrey’s got some pointers on how to deal with the “prosperity blocker” flavor of head trash so you can kick self-sabotage to the curb…

This one is jam-packed full of advice. Don’t miss out – listen now!

Audrey’s Bio:

Audrey Faust is an accomplished finance expert, dedicated to empowering women entrepreneurs to take charge of their finances. Audrey holds an accounting degree, an MBA, and a NeuroCoach certification, Audrey has successfully built her own multi-million-dollar wealth through various types of personal endeavors and investments.

She is committed to promoting financial literacy among women, she provides a supportive, non-judgmental space for learning and growth, which has led to clients achieving great success.

Audrey’s vision extends beyond financial prosperity; she encourages women to attain comprehensive wealth, encompassing monetary success, time, and ultimate freedom.

She equips women with the necessary tools and wisdom to confidently build wealth. Audrey’s primary goal? To help women build genuine wealth and foster enduring peace of mind concerning their financial future.

When she’s not working, Audrey cherishes her time with her husband, their three adult children, a grandchild, and her three four-legged friends. She loves to travel between her homes in Northeastern PA and Southwestern FL, soaking in each place’s distinct charm


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