ADHD as an Entrepreneurial Superpower with Kristen Stelzer

Ever felt like you were pretending to be “normal” at work when your brain is a FDA-unapproved jittery mess? You’ll love my conversation with today’s guest, Kristen Stelzer of Weirdly Wired Women (how cool is that name?). We’re exploring how finally embracing our ADHD diagnoses helped us quiet the noise and design careers that work with, not against, our unique wiring.

Can’t-Miss Moments from This Episode:

  • Welcome to ADHD adulthood: we got confusion! Kristen and I share what prompted us to seek an official diagnosis and what worked for each of us when it comes to quieting the mental chatter
  • Calling all weirdo women! Kristen tells us all about her mission to work with women who feel left out of the traditional corporate mold (turns out there’s nothing wrong with you, and here’s why)…
  • Having trouble adulting properly? Kristen and I rant about the brutal shame spiral and our tricks for preventing a full-on meltdown…
  • Down with toxic hustle culture! We’re taking on the “go above any beyond” subtext to help you define when enough is good enough…
  • ADHD and leverage: using strengths like hyperfocus to produce a hell of a lot in less time than our neurotypical counterparts. Here’s how Kristen and I are reframing a perceived negative into an obvious positive…

If you’ve been feeling like everyone around you knows something you don’t, this one’s for you. Listen now!

Kristen’s bio:

Kristen is a former engineer and project director turned entrepreneur. She specializes in helping women create or streamline businesses to fit their lives…regardless of what those lives look like.

After a late-in-life ADHD diagnosis, she founded weirdly wired women to provide coaching, consulting, and community to women who’ve never felt they “fit” the corporate mold, whatever the reason.

And in true “I make my own business rules” fashion, Kristen will also partner with anyone she likes on fun and interesting short-term projects that tap into any of her absolutely random skill sets.

Get Kristen’s free Break Free and Bloom Masterplan for Cultivating a Livelihood Rooted in Your Life on her website at

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