76: Amy Collins

Failure can be strangely freeing. When Amy gets up to the mic to tell a new joke, she has no idea how the audience will react… but she does the damn thing anyway! Rather than get hung up on whether she’ll “succeed” or “fail,” she’s given herself creative freedom to get out there and try something new. If you’re worried how people will react when you make your move, listen now for a little extra encouragement to get out there and shine. 

Can’t-Miss Moments From This Episode:

  • Pet peeve: you do NOT need a freaking “mea culpa” press release any time you skip writing a newsletter, forget about your email list for a bit, or ghost on social media posting. Here’s why you don’t need to apologize…

  • Are the choices you’re making leading to exhaustion and unproductive Netflix binges in dimly lit room? How to streamline your thought process to prevent decision fatigue…

  • What if you launched a new business idea with a confidence of a dad telling a dad joke? Getting on stage to tell jokes helped Amy execute her biz plans… and what she learned can help you too.

  • Let’s bust the myth of “I didn’t have a choice.” Amy and I break down how you can find options in any situation (warning: they might not be GREAT options, but they’re there if you know how to look!).

  • To plan or not to plan: would it shock you to know I don’t have (and have NEVER had) a five-year plan? Amy and I talk about why we embrace not knowing what’s gonna happen next with our businesses… could the no-plan plan work for you?

This one is jam-packed full of advice. Don’t miss out – listen now!

Amy’s Bio:

Amy Collins is a copywriter and strategist, storyteller, and comedian. She writes hilarious emails that help her clients build customer loyalty and grow sales. She’s also the author of a newsletter about a nothing titled, Rude but Charming, where you can get her oft-slanted take on life via personal stories told through her philosophical and humorous lens. 

She’s based in New Orleans, Louisiana where she regularly performs stand-up comedy around town and beyond. 

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