Christy Goldfeder: Do It Before You’re Ready

When heartache knocks on your door, sometimes the best thing you can do is pack your bags and get the hell out of dodge. That’s what Christy and I both did. In pre-Pandemic times, Christy set off solo to Southeast Asia. When she was ready to return to the States, one principal guided her: “I can probably figure that out.” Listen now to find out what happens when you stop placing artificial limitations on yourself. 

Can’t-Miss Moments From This Episode:

  • When an opportunity comes up, are you disqualifying yourself before you even try? Christy’s got a question you can ask to take the pressure off and just go for it.

  • Waitress + Firefighter + Lifeguard = Writer? If you think your past experience isn’t right for what you want to do… Christy and I have a fun exercise for you to try.

  • How Christy used her Toastmaster’s Club membership to get a job… and you can use this strategy to silence the doubt in your mind.

  • Rant warning! If someone tries to $h!t on your vision, I know exactly what you can tell them to send them back to their miserable corner.

  • Is your world feeling small? Go eat some chicken feet. Confused? It makes more sense than you realize — Christy and I explain. 

Don’t miss out – listen now!

Christy’s Bio:

Christy Goldfeder is a marketing strategist, email and YouTube copywriter, and coach. She works with high-growth brands and thought leaders in the health and wellness, coaching, and personal development fields. 

Christy started her career as an editor at the Wall Street Journal online. She transitioned into marketing communications and worked at leading Madison Avenue agencies before launching her own business. 

When she and her husband Steve are not traveling as digital nomads, they live in Austin, Texas. 

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