007 – Carolynn Ananian

Carolynn Ananian and I have been friends (and colleagues) for awhile. And each of us has gone through the whole “I suck at being a business owner ‘cause I’m over here working for THE MAN” phase of self-torment. But at some point we both realized that taking a job can actually be an advantage for a creative entrepreneur. Listen now to get the full story!

Can’t-Miss Moments From This Episode:

  • Not sure what you want to be when you grow up? That’s OK… maybe you’re about to “fall” into your career path (like we both did).
  • Can you still call yourself an entrepreneur if you take a break to work at a job? The pros and cons of becoming someone’s employee (hint: we don’t flat out forbid you to take a job if you want to be an entrepreneur)
  • My favorite question ever: do you want to start a business or do you just need therapy?
  • So you hit your goals… what the hell happens now? (you’re probably not sailing across the finish line into “happily ever after” land… but you CAN do something else)
  • The two things you really need to focus on to get your business off the ground

You don’t want to miss this one. Listen now!

Carolynn’s Bio:

Carolynn Ananian is a financial copywriter at Money Map Press. Despite the pandemic and one of the worst stock markets in Wall Street history, she’s still sold a buttload of investing newsletters and made her employer a lot of money when other businesses were closing their doors.

Carolynn spends most of her time building sales funnels and upselling customers. Her specialty is finding the “hidden money” – the opportunities most businesses overlook when it comes to quickly scaling revenue. Carolynn has not written any NYT bestselling books, but her mom thinks she’s awesome.

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