006 – Ashlee Berghoff

The beauty about becoming a freelancer is it’s so low overhead – just you and a laptop against the world! But eventually, playing outside your sandbox has a way of getting to you. By that, I mean wearing every hat a business owner has to wear… salesperson, accountant, customer service, maybe even IT. That cuts the creative time in more than half – and wasn’t getting paid to be creative the whole point?!

At some point in the journey you’ve gotta bring in outside help, and my guest today is the first person I ever hired, Ashlee Berghoff… way back when I realized I could no longer do it all (and didn’t even really want to).

Can’t-Miss Moments From This Episode:

  • Angie’s big eye-opener: when I found out it’s OK to hate doing certain things in your business (you will never convince me spreadsheets and accounting are fun)
  • Recognizing when it’s time to hand over your baby (and trusting people to take care of it like you would)
  • So you found your “forever person” right? Not so fast… what happens when working relationships don’t work out as you’d hoped
  • My favorite myths: “job security” and “the perfect plan” – and why you’ve gotta learn to let go of these if you want to succeed
  • Setting yourself up to win: are you thinking about your business like an entrepreneur, or like an employee? (hint: only one of those mindsets will get you to your goal)

You don’t want to miss this one. Listen now!

Ashlee’s Bio:

Ashlee Berghoff, MBA, is the founder of A Squared Online. Her team helps lifestyle-driven entrepreneurs take back their freedom through powerful systems and effective delegation. As her clients conquer the freelancer-to-CEO transition, they can experience real momentum and confidently channel their energy into the things that matter most to them.

Ashlee is the author of Eureka Results: How Entrepreneurs Can Turn Their Best Ideas Into Reality, which will be published by New Degree Press in April of 2021. She has been featured on the Copywriter Club Podcast, Reigniting Main Street, and Copy Chief Radio.

Find her online at www.asquaredonline.com

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