004 – Chris Orzechowski

It’s not often you have the chance to train someone and then later work for them. That’s exactly what happened with me and today’s guest, Chris Orzechowski. I once trained him as a member of Jeff Walker’s copy team, and when he eventually started his own agency, he brought me on board to train his writers.

Can’t-Miss Moments From This Episode:

  • He prepared for six months only to launch a new product right at the start of a global pandemic: how Chris kept going when things started shutting down
  • The two big philosophies fueling Chris’s entire approach to business building (and these are practices anyone can put into play)
  • Where Chris turns when he needs the kind of feedback to help him get his head on straight and become the best at what he does
  • The only real competitor you should be focusing your attention on as you grow your business (this can make all the difference in your forward momentum)
  • How Chris reacts when someone tells him he can’t do something (it’s probably exactly what you’re thinking)

Chris’s Bio:

Chris Orzechowski is the Founder of Orzy Media, a boutique e-commerce email marketing agency. He’s written two bestselling books on email marketing. Guy Fieri is his spirit animal.

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