on the road again: destination Memphis

Her highness and I hitting the road to Memphis…

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Her song is loud and proud. And continuous.

We’re taking a quick food break so I let her out of her backpack prison. She’s being surprisingly chill.

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I took 55 and there were some parts of MS that are still pretty icy. If the roads weren’t still crappy I’d probably have taken some detours… I thought about stopping at the Lynyrd Skynyrd memorial, and swinging by Tupelo. But I wound up just doing my best to get to Memphis while the sun was out 😞

With last week’s big freeze, all I wanted was to get somewhere with heat.

The Flying Spaghetti Monster/muses/soul singers’ spirits were with me and Stella on the road. Nearly got rammed twice by Idiots on Ice (not a show I’d pay to see), but slow and steady got us here, and before dark to boot!
I like this place already… Memphis, I am in you!
May be an image of outdoors and tree
May be an image of outdoors and tree


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