NOLA: weekend before Mardi Gras

So far I’ve been incredibly fortunate with my Airbnb hosts as I travel. Sending up big gratitude today!

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I have no idea how I’m gonna eat all this cake. But I’m damn sure gonna try! 😂🤣🤣

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I learned this from a friend and former NOLA resident, Lisa Perk:

You have until midnight on Mardi Gras Day. If you pace yourself and your pancreas you can do it!

You’re heading into Lent (whether you believe or not 😉)
I will say that they have tried to create a king cake thing for any holiday, but purists only eat them between King’s Day (1/6) and the eve of Ash Wednesday.
If you are staying in NO for Lent, you are in for a treat. There’s a lot to miss about living there but one of the things I miss the most are the Lenten Friday menus.
And Lent gives you time to recover for Jazz Fest (which admittedly may not be happening this year)
And I also assume the St Patrick’s Day parades will also be canceled this year…but usually you can go to parade route and catch a few cabbages.
Yep. Cabbages.


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