Memphis day 3: haunted closets and murder

Is my Airbnb haunted?

I’ve got a closet door in my bedroom that pops open at random, and it always manages to startle me.

I kinda like to imagine it’s haunted… Only this ghost only opens this particular door, for mysterious ghostly reasons. Is it inviting me to Narnia?

I like the ghost explanation too – more mystery. Why THIS door? What do you want from me, ghost? What is your unfinished business in an Airbnb closet?



Adventures in digital nomadism #143983: the night I was sure I’d be murdered.
Last night I legit thought I might die. (I should probably rethink my strategy of listening to true crime podcasts while driving from city to city.)
Here’s what went down – I’m currently staying in an old Craftsman style house that’s been converted into three apartments/Airbnbs. So think – old creaky floors and not-great insulation.
My host told me the unit next door would be vacant until Saturday. And then shortly after I went to bed last night, I started hearing stomping and thudding and what sounded like running and slamming things.
Add to that the fact that Stella perched on the couch intently staring at the front door like there was someone outside (and I trust animal instincts moreso than my own sometimes)… and I was sending an “in case I die, go forth and tell my story” message to my best friend.
I got up and locked/barricaded the doors JUST IN CASE. And then set about “comforting” myself by looking up crime stats in Memphis, which only served to freak me out MORE (note to self: don’t do that).
Eventually the (probably late check-in) loud-ass next door neighbors calmed the fuck down and I fell asleep – then I woke up this morning, not dead.
And that’s the story of how I’m still alive, and how it was all in my head and I probably shouldn’t listen to true crime podcasts and make up stories about ghosts in the closet when I’m alone at night.


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