let me show you my “cookie face”

Day 2 of the Permission to Kick Ass Podcast launch…

So I know it’s kinda early in our relationship, but let’s take this to the next level.

Meet my mom, Mary Philio!

Today’s episode is a special one, because it’s her birthday, and I’m releasing our recording as a celebration of all she’s taught me throughout the years.

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The whole reason I wanted to launch the podcast this week was I wanted to spend the whole week honoring everything I’ve learned from this tough Texas chick. This launch is a celebration of all that she’s taught me, just by sheer persistence and refusal to give up.

Now she’s hitting her stride and has a growing business doing what she loves – baking. We talked about what she’s learned over the last three years as she’s slowly grown her business on the festival circuit. Bonus: people often mistake us for one another… see if you can tell us apart? Ha!

Can’t-miss moments in this episode:

  • How my mom found her calling in a liquor bottle (and it’s not what you think)
  • The niche-within-a-niche she found that allowed her to focus on flavor vs dabbling in decorations
  • Forget the “taste test,” it’s time for the “face test” – the goofy method my stepdad came up with that had product flying off the shelves
  • The sucky experience that almost convinced mom they’d never make sales (and now it’s one of mom’s biggest sources of revenue)
  • Mom’s creative take on fitting cakes into a beer and bacon festival (now it’s one of her best sellers!)

Take a listen (and try not to gain a few pounds just from imagining those half-pound cookies and ooey gooey rum cakes.

Don’t forget to check out episode two of the brand new Permission to Kick Ass podcast!

Stay tuned… I’m releasing an episode every day this week, Monday through Friday. Two down, three to go!

We’ll resume your regular Kick Monday’s Ass broadcast next week!

Rock on,

P.S. In our episode mom mentions the half-pound cookie. We ain’t exaggeratin’ on that one… check out the cookie face:



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