KMA: who has the answers?

It’s time to kick Monday’s ass…

Last week I talked about how I kinda-sorta planted a garden.

I know NOTHING about gardening other than… plants? How do they work? MAGIC?!

So this was the grand adventure for me, as someone who’s never ever had a garden but has some interest in growing food.

Guess what??

The bravest of my children have climbed forth from the darkness… now I’m just counting down the days until I can eat them. LOL

There’s a point in all this humble-bragging about my non-garden, I promise. And it’s this: I have no idea what I’m doing.

I’m just trying shit out and seeing what happens. What’s happening is apparently magic vegetable (and tuber!) stuff that I don’t understand.

But I decided I wanted to do a thing. I did some basic research. And I did the thing.

I bring it up because this is something I’ve been wanting to experiment with for ages… only every time I’d start reading up on it I’d immediately shut down with overwhelm from growing zones and soil amendments and pest control and different types of pots and DON’T FORGET THE TRELLIS BECAUSE THOSE BEANS CLIMB OMG.

For years I did nothing because doing something seemed like way too much.

But look at my plant babies, yo. LOOK AT THEM.

I put a sprouted potato and some green beans in the dirt and now I have baby beans and taters.

Sometimes you just gotta do shit and see what happens.

Angie: just do shit.

(eat your heart out, Nike)

That brings us to…

Kick Monday’s Ass Video

One thing my coaching students seem to love (I still don’t quite understand, but now I know better than to hold back…) are my rants.

I don’t believe in getting ranty about shit you can’t do anything about. That’s a recipe for frustration and eventually depression.

When I rant it’s usually because I feel SO FREAKING PASSIONATELY about your potential. And being a few steps ahead of you on the path, I can see a few steps you can take that would change the whole forward trajectory you’re on.

But I get that it’s scary for you to take those steps, because I remember what it was like not knowing what happens next.

Here’s the thing though… that’s part of the whole entrepreneurial package. It’s probably 20% “known” and 80% “unknown”. And yet, as the business owner/freelancer/side hustler/consultant you are… you’re gonna have to come up with answers for those unknowns.

So this week’s video is all about how you approach answering questions and solving problems (hint: Google is your friend) (double hint [if that’s a thing – oooh brackets in parentheticals!]: your network might have answers for you too – just make sure it’s not a question Google could have answered first, otherwise you risk taking more than you’re giving by asking too many questions).

(here’s a link to the video in case you don’t see it embedded below):

Google is your friend. Find an answer that seems right to you and run it by a trusted advisor, or try it out and see what happens. But don’t wait for answers to come to you, because otherwise you’re an employee pretending to own a business.
You won’t always have the answers. But here’s a bit of a brain bomb for you: experts acknowledge they don’t know everything. The big difference is they are determined to figure it out vs leaving something at, “I don’t know”.

You ask me a question I don’t know the answer to, you bet your ass my reply is gonna be something like, “hey, I actually don’t know the answer to that off the top of my head. Great question! I’m gonna do some digging and get back to you with an answer by X time.”

Badass of the Week

In keeping with my “pretending to know things about plants” them, this week’s BotW goes out to the folks in Europe who are trying to educate clueless folks like me.

They’re going out into the wild (streets), armed with chalk, and writing names of plants and some facts about them – kinda a cool way to reconnect with nature AND other people at the same time, even if you can’t talk face to face.

You can read more about it here.

If you know someone who deserves to be named Badass of the Week, hit reply and let me know!

On Repeat This Week
We’re going back in time this week to visit with Ann Wilson, my personal vocal hero. Seriously all I want in life is to sing with this woman (or be told I sing like her).

So in honor of my hero Ann, I bring you this classic… Barracuda by Heart.

It’s Monday y’all… get out there and kick some ass.

Rock on,

“Barracuda” by Heart


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