KMA: the story you’re telling yourself might not be true…

It’s time to kick Monday’s ass…

It’s been a real struggle lately, mentally.

I’ve not been sleeping well, which led to sleep studies to diagnose sleep apnea. I don’t know if you’ve ever been through an overnight sleep study but lemme tell ya… that’s some of the least restful sleep EVER.

I had wires coming out of my hair, taped to my legs, shellacked to my chest. They were watching me on infrared camera. It was weeeeeeeeeeeeeird.

Especially when the super lucid dreams started… all about being awake AT the lab (while I was actually asleep at the lab).

So my mood hasn’t been the greatest lately as I struggle with getting quality rest.

And then Friday night, my boyfriend Andrew popped off with something weird… “far be it for me to tell you what to do, but I’m gonna go ahead and say it. Grab a White Claw from the fridge and come sit outside.”

Now the thing about Andrew is… he doesn’t really do that. So the fact that he led with that after getting back from his run? I thought that was at least worth trying out.

He was right… Friday in south Texas was apparently one of those rare low humidity, low 80s situations that makes for a perfect summer evening outside.

It was a good reminder that those little things are really the big things.

Kick Monday’s Ass Video

I know I’m guilty of this – and a lot of us do this as second nature.

I’m talking about making up reasons something happened, especially if that something is disappointing or frustrating.

For me, it usually starts with “well maybe…” or “it probably”. You might notice similar thought patterns popping up in your head.

Here’s the thing – you can’t let those stories be the reason you stay small and safe.

They’re rarely true… and here’s one instance where believing a fairly common story would have meant a drastically different life for me and my partner.

It’s in this week’s video…

(here’s a link to the video in case you don’t see it embedded below)

Hint: if the whole convo is happening in your head, without input from someone else, it’s probably not accurate.
Don’t rationalize yourself into quitting. You could be THISFREAKINGCLOSE to a breakthrough, and the only thing standing between you and success is that stupid little story.

The point is… don’t let conversations in your head dictate what happens outside your head, in the real world. Keep trying until you find a way.

Badass of the Week

My badass of the week is Peter Mutabazi. He’s a single dad and just adopted a young boy who’d been abandoned at the hospital.

Peter had been a foster father for several years when he got the call, asking him to take Tony for a couple days. They bonded, and the rest is history.

There are some shitty people in the world… but there are amazing people fighting just as hard to do good.

As Mr. Rogers’ mom said… look for the helpers.

On Repeat This Week
So… I’m gonna try something a little different this week. And it makes me nervous as fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck.

Over the weekend I did something I’ve been wanting to try for years – I figured out how to record myself singing a song WITH MYSELF.

I’ve always been obsessed with harmonies, and bands that can harmonize well live are totally my heroes.

You may have noticed I love Fleetwood Mac, and those tight harmonies are part of it.

So here you go… Angie harmonies (rough, but I’m satisfied for it being my very first attempt at doing something like this).

It’s Monday y’all… get out there and kick some ass.

Rock on,



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