KMA: failure is NOT who you are (and I will fight you on this)

It’s time to kick Monday’s ass…

I’m in the middle of a launch for my big client.

Yes, even in this environment, high-ticket items are selling. It’s about adjusting your messaging and meeting people where they’re at… not hunkering down and avoiding selling, nor continuing on blithely as if nothing is happening.

The world doesn’t stop when there’s a global crisis, as crass a statement as that seems.

I remember when I lost my Aunt Chris back in November… I wanted to rage against everyone and everything. I wanted the world to stop for just one day, to remember a great woman.

But the world didn’t stop. It won’t stop. Eventually you will, and the world will keep turning, and that’s how it works.

So when you wake up and realize that today you’re still breathing, I hope you realize what a gift that is. Another day in the land of the living is another chance to try again.

That brings us to…

Kick Monday’s Ass Video

I bring up my client’s launch because one of the biggest concerns I’m seeing from people watching our launch is this idea of “but what if it doesn’t work?” or “but what if I fail?”

And I get that – taking a risk is inherently scary. Especially in times like now where you might be in a position to really NEED something to work for you.

But let’s get real clear on something here… failure is something that HAPPENS. It is NOT who you are.

Yes, there’s a chance you might fail with every step you take.

And if you’re living your life thinking you can avoid failure, I’d argue you’re probably living a life of fear and stress and not really doing much to bring yourself joy.

When I say joy, I’m not talking about simple pleasures like sitting on the couch watching Netflix in your underoos. Anyone can do that. I’m talking about the pure, unadulterated joy that comes with trying something you didn’t know you could do and surprising yourself with positive results.

Newsflash: sometimes you gotta get negative results over and over again before that positive stuff pops up. I go into it more in the video:

(here’s a link to the video in case you don’t see it embedded below)

I will beat this drum until my bones break and my voice is gone from screaming:

Failure is an EVENT. It is NOT your identity.

I know it’s easy (and instinctive) to want to avoid the discomfort that comes with failure.

But I’m gonna encourage you to see failure as a GOOD thing – a necessary thing, that indicates you’re one step closer to getting where you want to be.

Badass of the Week

I know it’s kind of a cop out, but it needs to be said…

BotW goes to everyone out there keeping the world spinning and taking care of people.

Medical personnel, drivers, cashiers… all the unseen who work thankless jobs in the background so you and I can live a life of relative comfort. They deserve our gratitude and they especially deserve our kindness.

On Repeat This Week
More of the mellow vibe…

As stuff continues to be crazy, I find myself looking more and more for beautiful things to lift my spirits. The song below has always been a favorite of mine. I hope you enjoy it too!

It’s Monday y’all… get out there and kick some ass (while practicing social distancing).

Rock on,

“Across the Universe” cover by Fiona Apple


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