KMA: do you know your “oh HELL no” number?

It’s time to kick Monday’s ass…

This weekend I planted a garden.


I mean, I put some plants in pots and set them on my back patio… so it’s not exactly the same thing as hoeing up rows (LOL… yeah, I’m immature).

I’ve been interested in learning more about gardening since the pandemic began, but I kept finding ways to put it off.

Too rainy. Too many ants in the yard. Too hot. What if I kill them? I don’t even know what to plant. And what kind of planter? PROCESSING ERROR: TOO MANY CHOICES – ANGIE HAS QUIT.

So this weekend I made myself a deal – get thee to the garden center and pick up some damn plants. Make ’em veggies you’d eat. Come home and put them in pots. If later you have to plant them in the ground, do that when the time comes.

Why am I telling you about all this?

Because it’s easy to get overwhelmed when you’re new to something. There are so many helpful guides and tutorials out there that the sheer amount of information becomes paralyzing.

But what if I do it wrong?

You know the flip side to that coin?

But what if I do it RIGHT?

Time will tell if my tiny little garden of potatoes, green onions, green beans, sweet red baby bell peppers, and zucchini will thrive or die.

In the meantime, I’m having a good time going out in the cool morning air and giving them a quick mist with the garden hose… and soaking in the wonderful smell of damp earth and growing things.

If you want to do something, just get started. You’ll figure out the next steps… only after you take the first.

That brings us to…

Kick Monday’s Ass Video

One of my superpowers is pricing. It’s one that a lot of colleagues and coaching students call me for… especially if they’re worrying about their numbers being too high (or too low).

So today I want to talk to you about your “oh HELL no” number… because thinking about your pricing this way eliminates a lot of the guesswork. AND… handily enough, it tells you when you’re wasting your time with someone who’s lowballing you.

If at any point in time as you’re haggling over rates with a prospective client, you will know your walk-away number with absolute certainty – freeing you up to spend your time on finding clients who WILL pay your rates without lowballing you.

It’s all in this week’s video (which went a little long at 16 minutes – but still has a ton of good pricing nuggets):

(here’s a link to the video in case you don’t see it embedded below):

Freelancers: How to Calculate Your "Oh HELL No" Number
Knowing your numbers means you know when to walk away from unprofitable projects.

You’re going to make mistakes along the way – so don’t let fear of throwing out the “wrong” number stop you from getting in your reps.

When you know the value of your work, you communicate it in a bunch of subtle ways that prospective clients pick up on… and when you hold the line on your value, it attracts all the right people (and scares away those who aren’t a great fit for you).

Badass of the Week

BotW goes out to a man in Alabama named Blane Stokley.

Mr. Stokley decided to help his community and fellow small business owners by delivering $500 checks to 7 different businesses.

And for me, it’s not about the money (though I do think those of us who are well off have a duty to help people who are struggling – to the extent we’re able to help) so much as the action.

He decided to help and literally put his money where his mouth is – instead of complaining about how small businesses weren’t getting the aid they needed, he went out and helped them himself, to the extent he was able.

By all accounts, a genuine badass.

If you know someone who deserves to be named Badass of the Week, hit reply and let me know!

On Repeat This Week
This week is about rockin’ it – whatever that means to you. To help you get that blood pumpin’, this week’s song is “Out Here All Night”. I like to turn this one up in the headphones when I’m out on a bike ride.

It’s Monday y’all… get out there and kick some ass.

Rock on,

“Out Here All Night” by Damone


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