Kick Monday’s Ass: nobody needs a triangle wheel

It’s time to kick Monday’s ass…

This weekend I kicked my own ass.

Long story short, on Friday I was roped into helping my aunt move to a little town in the Texas hill country, about 4 hours away from where I currently live.

And I was actually happy to do it – because I’d been so sucked into being online and taking care of business for so long that all I wanted was to put my phone down for a day, challenge my body with something physical, and then road trip with my family.

My niece and nephew challenged me to road trip bingo, which I thoroughly clobbered them on. But that was mostly because we’d all be waiting for that one last thing that would give us a bingo and they’d lose interest before I did. I’m a role model LOL.

Saturday we wound up detouring through a small, picturesque town called Boerne, where we grabbed some damn fine dirty chai and I showed my nephew how to find a geocache. My sister decided we all needed to move to Boerne and found an 800-acre property with a couple houses on it for a cool $14 million. So I’ve got that to look forward to…

And on the way home Saturday, we spent the better part of 50 miles on I-10 trying to get truckers to honk. We belatedly realized they couldn’t see the kids frantically making the “honk your horn” motion in the back-back seat, because of the window tint. That only made it even more funny to the 4 grown ass adults that we were flying down the highway, looking like lunatics just to make the kids smile.

I’m in the middle of a big transition in my professional life, where I’m slowly disconnecting from things I’ve outgrown into new and exciting arenas I’m pumped to start exploring.
So today I’m a little banged up and sore – moving a washer and dryer and heavy Scandinavian furniture will do that to ya. But I needed to mix things up a bit.
And now for this week’s video…


Kick Monday’s Ass: nobody needs a triangle wheel

Ever get so excited by a business idea that you run to Google and see if anyone else is doing it… only to discover it’s been around for ages and there are 30+ businesses doing the same thing on the home page?

Look, I get that’s disappointing that you’re not the ONLY one – but you don’t need an idea that’s 1000% original, never been done before. You just need YOU. Here’s what I mean…

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Badass of the Week

I read this story over the weekend, and frankly it’s such a “duh” thing for me that at first I was wondering why it was news. But then I realized that sadly, for many of us, working for generous companies is NOT normal.

So I salute Admiral Insurance for spending 10 MILLION pounds in paying out bonuses to all their employees, full and part time.

I will beat this drum until the day I die: take care of your people and they will take care of you. Your people are not JUST the ones who pay you for stuff… they’re also the people you pay/contract/barter with. Do right by them and they’ll go out of their way to help your business succeed.

(If you know someone who should be featured as my Badass of the Week, hit reply and tell me!)

On Repeat This Week…

So last week, I started watching House for the umpteenth time.

It’s a strangely comforting show – and I’ve written many a catalog with it running in the background.

*tappitah tappity tap* *look up*
Oh hey, someone’s dying.

*more furious typing* *staring off into space* *more typing*
Oh hey, they saved the day.

Something about background snark keeps my creative engines humming along just fine.

Somehow I never noticed how good the musical direction was though – at the end of one episode this gem came on and the tight/complex harmonies of the blind chorus caught me up in a trance. I think I immediately listened to it five times in a row (and even subjected poor Andrew to a protracted rant about what the harmonies were doing to underscore the tension in the words).

So… enjoy. It’s kinda moody and mellow, and if it gets stuck in your head don’t say I didn’t warn you.

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