Kick Monday’s Ass: my new workshop + a weird story about washing clothes (Feb 21, 2022)

It’s time to Kick Monday’s Ass…

In case you missed it, on Friday I announced a brand new in-person event I’m calling Eat. Play. Launch.

(hat tip to Chris Orzechowski – HI CHRIS! – for lending his genius to that absolutely fucking perfect name)

I’m excited about this one, and not just because I get to write shit like this off as a business expense (forewarning: lots of yelling and wind noises – it’s a video of me snow tubing):

Today I wanted to talk a little about WHY I created this event.

If you followed my journey over the last year-plus on the road, you already know that I turned to travel after an unexpected breakup. And as I recovered from that upheaval, I found myself hitting a wall with work… HARD.

In the past, when I was stressed or dealing with emo shit, I’d throw myself even deeper into work. But 2021 Angie wasn’t having any of that mess. When she was done for the day, that girl was DONE. She’d go find somewhere to explore, an adventure to try, or a place to eat.

And somehow despite the extra time off, my business grew.

Not only that, but the ideas I shared with clients were better, simpler, and we were able to implement them much faster (therefore making them more revenue with less time, bandwidth, or resources being tied up in a big promo production).

I didn’t even realize this was happening until I was looking back over the last year as part of my 2022 planning. As I started digging in I realized that my adventuring is actually helping me be a better consultant – I’m well rested, relaxed, and getting ideas even while flying 9000 feet high in a hot air balloon.

It turns out what I discovered by accident – that adults need playtime just as much as kids – is actually backed by a lot of science. Here’s a great TED talk about the topic if you want to get sucked down a very interesting rabbit hole.

And that’s what inspired me to create Eat. Play. Launch.

It’s a way for us to have fun and talk business in a way that lowers resistance and lets ideas bubble to the surface. Let me be clear: when I say “ideas” I’m talking about revenue generating ideas that will grow your business.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned over the last year, it’s that there’s often an opportunity sitting right in front of your face, but it’s buried by all the daily to-dos of running a business.

And you could do a lot of journaling and brain dumping to find it. Or you could go snow tubing and see what surfaces while you’re purposefully avoiding a computer…

If you want to join me March 11 and 12 in Flagstaff, AZ for the first inaugural event, hit reply and I’ll get you more details.

And if you can’t make this one, no worries. The plan is to host Eat. Play. Launch. in every city I visit this year (next stop is Vegas… hint hint).

Moving on…

Last week on the podcast…

Warning: we’re talking about trauma and religion in this episode, and even touch a bit on abuse. We kept it high level, but if this feels sensitive to you, tread carefully and take care of you.

How does your past trauma influence your business decisions? This isn’t a question entrepreneurs talk about at all — but my guest, Emily Ann Peterson has built her business around it. After leaving the church (which had been her entire life), it took Emily years to understand how her religious trauma was limiting her business growth.

At first glance, Emily’s business may seem like a niche of a niche. Given the stressors and unique mental health challenges facing entrepreneurs, I’m here for it.

Through our conversation I learned so much that will not only help me show up more powerfully in my own business but also for my coaching students. If you’ve been coming up against the same blocks time and time again in your business, this episode could be what helps you get moving forward.

Listen now to see how our lived experiences sometimes subconsciously drive our business decisions.

Section 42: Life, The Universe, and Everything…

For the first time since I started this epic road trip, I’ve found myself in an Airbnb without access to a washer and dryer.

The trade-off was worth it being walking distance from downtown Flagstaff (which reminds me a lot of Durango, Asheville, and Memphis all rolled into one). But it left me with a problem – how to fit in a trip to the laundromat between all the work and adventuring.

Last weekend I finally went for broke, ignored my weirdness about someone touching my underoos, and dropped off my laundry at a local place for “wash and fold” service.

Folks, it was glorious. I dropped off approximately eleventy pounds of laundry and took myself to lunch, where I used my ReMarkable to catch up on work I’ve fallen behind on. Then I grabbed a coffee at a cute local place before being texted that my clothes were ready for pickup.

Sure, it costs more than doing it myself. But those couple extra bucks to buy back my time, PLUS the fact that they somehow got my clothes smelling WAY better than when I wash them? I think I’m sold.

#supportlocalbusiness #washyourdrawers

Marketing Minute…

Speaking of washing your drawers, I just want to shout out Toni of Estrella Laundry here in Flagstaff.

When I started looking into wash and fold, I was surprisingly nervous… probably because I just updated my Disney villain/Stevie Nicks wardrobe and didn’t want someone carelessly ruining my newly acquired stuff.

So instead of heading to the laundromat with clothes in tow, I called Toni and peppered her with a bunch of questions. Do I need to prep them? Sort them? Make an appointment? How does this work? What do you need me to do?

She graciously spent 10 minutes on the phone with me, patiently answering all my questions and inviting me to meet her at the laundromat so she could give me a tour and answer any additional questions.

By the time I got there and met her, I was 5000% more reassured that dropping off my laundry was a smart move, and that I was in good hands with Toni and her crew.

Why the hell am I ranting about this in the marketing minute section?

Because customer service is marketing, and too many people forget that.

They think, “ugh, I’ve answered this question 20 million times already, why don’t they just go to my website?” and overlook the fact that there’s a real person with real fears on the other side of the convo, just looking for a little reassurance.

And often if someone reaches out – whether it’s with a question or even a complaint – they’re actually looking for reassurance and for you to fix their problem.

In other words, a customer service challenge is a business opportunity.

And Toni recognized that right away. Because of her brilliance (and how freaking amazing all my clothes smell), she’s got my business for the length of my stay.

Ten minutes of patience for hundreds of dollars in business (not to mention all the raving I’m doing about her on social media). Seems like a good return on investment to me.

On repeat this week…

This one’s stuck in my head and it’s kinda timely, especially since we talked so much this week about ideas coming together in a magical way. That’s pretty much the definition of superposition… so this week let’s all collectively obsess over Superposition by Young the Giant.

Rock on,

I don’t believe in fate
No psychic vision
But when things fall into place, superposition

In any universe you are my dark star
I want you to want me
Why don’t we rely on chemistry?
Why don’t we collide the spaces that divide us?
I want you to want me
Superstition aims with imprecision
But when things can’t be explained, superposition, oh
In any universe you are my dark star




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