Kick Monday’s Ass (KMA) – March 9, 2020

It’s time to kick Monday’s ass…

Welcome to the Kick Monday’s Ass weekly thing that’s not a newsletter.

It’s all about getting you pumped up to tackle your week (even when it feels like it’s about time to run and hide AND HORDE ALL THE TOILET PAPER).

First up…

Kick Monday’s Ass Video

This week I’m so stoked to share my first episode of #AskAngie.

I got a great question from someone who asked me how and where I got started as a writer. And it’s a pretty long story if I were to try and write it all down, so here’s a video walkthrough.

This feels like an origin story of some sort, but not nearly as cool as being bitten by a radioactive spider or being a billionaire technophile with a penchant for vigilantism.
It’s relevant to what’s happening in the world today – no matter whether you’re Team Panic or Team Chill when it comes to the current pandemic, there’s no doubting that there will be a real impact on the global economy. And contrary to popular beliefs, economic downturns are good opportunities for freelancers. The ads still need to be made – and often a freelancer can do it more economically than a full-time staffer.

I’m Team Wait and See and Wash Your Hands. I don’t panic as a rule, because in my lifetime I’ve survived probably two dozen global crises, including 9/11, SARS, ebola, the Great Recession, etc. I like my odds (and yours too).

Badass of the Week

Relevant to what’s happening in the world, I found a badass answering one of entrepreneurship’s most important questions: WHEN?

Check out his article on, about the lesson he learned in taking a glassblowing class from a master.

We all spend so much time thinking of WHAT or HOW, that WHEN falls by the wayside… and often it’s the most critical piece of the puzzle.

And if you know of someone who should be featured as my Badass of the Week, hit reply and tell me about them. I’ll make sure you get credited!

On Repeat This Week
In honor of yesterday being International Women’s Day, and because more than anything I want you to always dream big… today I’m listening to the Postmodern Jukebox version of “Dream On”.

Check it out below.

Happy Monday y’all… get out there and rock it.

Rock on,

I love Steven Tyler, but this is probably my favorite version of this song.


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