Angie In Your Corner

One-on-one business mentoring, equal parts ass-kicking and awesomeness.

Wanna work with me as your personal coach? Hell yeah! Let’s do this!

From marketing advice to launch strategy to client communications, I’ve got your back. Together, we’ll turn your business into the money-making, freedom-financing tool you’ve always wanted.

We’ll be like Rocky and Mickey, Luke and Yoda, Danny Zucco and Mr. Miyagi—but with less waxing my car.

Unless you really want to wax my car. I will never stand in the way of you doing what you really want to do.

What it is:

Three months of coaching, with hour-long calls every two weeks. We’ll figure out what you want to do, and map out the quickest path from where you are to where you want to be.

We'll set goals and hit milestones, and by the end of our time together you'll have a ton of clarity and a solid plan for moving forward.

How it works:

This is completely led by you and your goals – I ain’t got a “one size fits all” plan. First we’ll have a get-to-know-you call where we ID your big rocks. Then for our follow-up calls, we’ll create a custom roadmap together… so you can confidently take massive action and kick all kinds of ass.

What could we get done in three months together? Past students have used this time to:

  • Create a custom escape plan with target income goals and specific action steps
  • Define an initial (or ideal) customer and next offer, along with a go-to-market plan to get cash coming in fast
  • Workshop and roleplay through challenging situations, to feel like a super-confident B-O-S-S when communicating with clients

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Angie’s coaching has played a vital role in my recent growth as a freelancer. I came in with one thing in mind (improving an area of my copywriting)... but by the end of our round of coaching I’d done so much more...

I’d completely shifted my specialization and taken massive action in the new direction. I became far less attached to outcomes when dealing with prospects and clients (I used to have a lot of anxiety around pricing and would often undercut myself).

I had one urgent and challenging client situation that I was pulling my hair out over. I got Angie’s unique perspective - and it was a real lifesaver. Since she’s experienced both sides of the freelancer-client relationship she could offer rare insights that completely shifted the way I think about my client interactions.

You can’t go wrong in choosing Angie as a coach. She’s super supportive, isn’t afraid to shine a light on where you might be BSing yourself, and has enough experience, expertise and wisdom to help you navigate your way to the next level - no matter where you’re at right now.

Dan Ludgater