even Wolverine has a freaking life coach

None of us has it all figured out. And that’s OK!

Yesterday I was laughing with my friend, Jimmy Parent. We were getting ready to record a podcast episode and I joked about this repeating pattern I noticed when talking to my life coach last week.

I guess Jimmy could tell that I still struggle with the idea of having a life coach, let alone owning it proudly.

I confess – sometimes I still feel a little shame at the idea of seeking out help, because I grew up with that idea the western/capitalist world loves to harp on: BE A SELF MADE PERSON. HELP IS FOR LOSERS.

I used to think like that, and it still occasionally pops up in my head: I have to do this myself, otherwise I haven’t earned my success!

Look, if you’re prone to this line of default programming too, no shade. But I invite you to join me in calling BS on those thoughts.

First of all – there’s no extra extra super stupendous grand prize for getting to the finish line with no help whatsoever.

Imagine accepting the trophy (in my mind you get handed one of those obnoxious, gaudy, 5-ft tall ones from elementary school) and giving your speech…

“I’d like to thank… not a single damn one of you. I did this 100% by myself and screw all y’all. Go me!”

– said someone gunning for a fall, since pride goeth, etc etc

So since none of us ever really gets anywhere without help, why does this thought process persist?

I mean, even legends like Hugh Jackman have life coaches. Someone to help him see outside of himself, remind him he’s not perfect and he doesn’t have to be.

I love this clip I found of him on the Tim Ferris show, talking about his coach Lauren.

In it, he mentions how Lauren helps him work on things like…

  • trusting himself and his instincts
  • being OK putting down the work and enjoying himself
  • not becoming a prisoner of his own expectations

Think you don’t need a hand getting where you’re going? THAT’S BS EVEN WOLVERINE SEEKS OUT HELP.

So happy Friday, and here’s your friendly reminder that it’s OK to put down the work and go enjoy yourself for a little while. It’ll still be there when you get back, but that sunset/adventure/time with your kids has a limited shelf life.

Rock on,

P.S. Did you know I do 1:1 coaching for entrepreneurs? I may not be Wolverine’s life coach, but we do share similar values. I want you to believe in yourself, to trust your own instincts, and to unashamedly take space and experience joy…

Because if you’re working this hard to build a business, why not build it in a way that allows you to enjoy the hell out of it?

If you’ve been struggling with confidence, or getting out of your own way, let’s talk. I offer a limited amount of one-off coaching calls for folks not quite ready to commit to ongoing coaching. Let’s see if we can’t get you unstuck… and then we can talk about whether it makes sense to continue.

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