I have no idea how to pronounce your name, Dunedin

Last weekend I went to this funky little artsy town north of here called Dunedin. That was recommended by my good friends Rachel Mazza and Dr. Julie Helmrich.

After poking around the farmer’s market and buying an assortment of things (really, a true assortment including sterling silver rings, a reusable glass cleaning cloth, natural mosquito repellent, whole wheat sourdough, two kinds of ceviche, and a fuck ton of fruit and veggies), I decided to wander the downtown area a bit.

It was so cute and eclectic! I mean, look at it:

I found myself at a weird little coffee shop chatting with the barista and grabbing a pumpkin cookie, then at a little art store that me from ten years ago would have totally geeked out over because she sold sheets of glass for mosaic and stained glass projects. We chatted a bit while I tried to find something artsy and useful that wouldn’t take up a ton of space in my car.

Then I asked her how to pronounce the town name.

She said DUNN – EDEN

So I took it on faith that a town resident knows how it’s pronounced. The next few times I told someone I’d been to Dunedin however, I was gently corrected:

“It’s DUNE – DIN” said one.

“It’s DUNN – UH – DINN” said another.

To this date I have no idea how the town’s name is pronounced. I just know they put on a hell of a farmer’s market and everyone in this general area seems to know what you’re talking about when you mention mispronounce a town that starts with D, has an N and another D somewhere in the middle, and ends with N.



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