Kick Monday’s Ass: if you choose not to decide…

It’s time to kick Monday’s ass…

I think I slept the weekend away. 

Part of me regrets being so lazy – and the other part of me remembers I work my ass off and when that laziness comes over me, it’s usually my body telling me I need rest.

I’m working on this thing lately, where I listen to what my body tells me. And related to that – I’m working even harder to listen to what others around me tell me, especially when they’re noting positive things. 

Have you ever noticed a tendency to dismiss compliments from strangers? No judgment – I struggle with that too. But awhile back – I think it was the second time I appeared on stage in front of around 1000 people, providing critiques for their websites – I had a couple people approach me afterward and ask if I did broadcasting or podcasting because they love my voice.

My voice is something I’ve ALWAYS hated listening to. I wouldn’t even listen to recordings of myself singing, because I don’t sound like anyone I admire. To me it sounds different, weird, alien… not at all like it sounds in my head.

But something clicked that last time I was on stage… a bunch of strangers randomly told me they like this thing I do, independently of each other. Maybe there’s a pattern here worth noticing?

And that, my friends, is why Permission to Kick Ass THE PODCAST will be coming soon to a streaming service near you.

I promise to continue refusing to listen to myself on recordings if you promise to check it out.

Kick Monday’s Ass: if you choose not to decide…

Sometimes I see new entrepreneurs start a business like this:

“I’ll work on it in my spare time and see how it goes… then I’ll know whether to put more effort/investment in.”

If that’s your approach (and no judgment, I’ve been there myself) – I’m gonna challenge you to reframe. This isn’t a lotto ticket you can passively scratch off and win big with minimal effort. Here’s what I mean…

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Shake it Off by Florence + The Machine

Sometimes when the news gets overwhelming, it can be difficult to even breathe. With everything that’s happened this year, especially – sometimes the only option left seems to lock yourself away from the madness and cry.

That’s why I was pleasantly surprised when this one randomly came up in my rotation over the weekend. It was a great, timely reminder that sometimes you’ve gotta shake it all off, ‘cause it’s hard to dance with the devil on your back.

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