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What do you get when you cross a huge Disnerd (Disney nerd) with the chance to rock out on Halloween?

Evil Queen jam session!

In case you are wondering… this is the second night “after party” at Copy Chief Live, hosted by my friend and mentor, Kevin Rogers.

The idea behind this after party and rock show is simple… most creative people have multiple creative outlets. And it’s those outside interests we bring to writing that make our style really resonate.

Me? I’m a tattoo covered tomboy who geeks out over Disney, marketing, and a 12-bar blues progression.

I’m still flabbergasted Kev found a way to help me combine all my loves at one event.

I wasn’t always this calm and collected either – in my next post I’ll have to share how I screwed up my very first band audition, and how I recovered after wiping out on stage and flashing my ass to the audience.

Stay tuned!



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