a tale of two remote controls (first world problems, digital nomad edition)

You want digital nomad hacks?

Here’s a particularly brilliant one I came up with. It solves a vital problem.

First, a picture:

Can you guess which one is mine?

That’s right. I blue-taped that bad boy so I don’t accidentally take my host’s remote by mistake.

Other things blue tape is handy for:

  • marking all your cords and cables
  • identifying small kitchen appliances (like my coffee grinder)
  • final packing checks – essential to not losing my mind

For that last one, the packing check… when I empty a cabinet or drawer, I put a small square of blue tape on it so that I don’t check it 20 more times and forget what all I’ve already done. Walk by it, spot blue, confidently move onto the next thing vs repeating the same thing 20 times.

Follow me for more ridiculous digital nomad hacks. Maybe someday I’ll show you how I tetris all my worldly possessions into my tiny little car.



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