4/20: Grand Ole Opry + brunch

I grew up listening to country music, so when I got to Nashville I knew I’d have to visit the Opry.

I didn’t expect that there’d be a huge shopping mall and convention center in the same parking lot – but thankfully for me that meant free and plentiful parking.


ince I had to book a tour for first thing in the morning due to COVID restrictions, I was starving by the time I got out, close to 11 am.

Of course 11 am is when one of my standing mastermind meetings starts, so I figured I’d go to this restaurant a friend of mine recommended.

I was thinking I could tuck into a corner booth and do some work while I listened to the mastermind call. Turns out it’s family style dining (and damn was it good) and now a nap sounds like the best idea in the world.



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